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What cities does Island Pool Services serve?
Island Pool Services serves all of Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth and most of Suffolk. Please call today to confirm our service area.
When should I schedule my pool opening?
Island Pool Services recommends that you schedule your pool opening as soon as possible. We are a fully digital operation and we have the ability to schedule your pool opening months in advance. This helps to ensure you get the date that works best for you and your pool will be ready for your first pool party.

When should I schedule my pool closing?
Island Pool Services recommends that you schedule your pool closing as soon as you know when you will no longer be using your pool for the season. This will help you cut down on your electrical costs and extend the life of your pumps, filter and liner.
What kind of qualifications and certifications does Island Pool Services have?
We at Island Pool Services hold ourselves to some of the highest qualifications in all of Hampton Roads. Island Pool Services is a member of The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, the leading pool and spa association. Island Pool Services technicians are always learning and are in the process of becoming Certified Service Professionals, the highest certification in the national pool industry. Island Pool Services technicians also stay on top of the latest and greatest in the pool industry by attending at least one large pool and spa show a year, which includes at minimum of 10 to 15 hours of continuing education at the conference.
What types of pools do you service?
Island Pool Services can take care of just about any pool. We service salt water pools, chlorine pools, DE filter pools, cartridge filter pools and sand filter pools. We service all makes and models of pumps and filters. We also service in-ground and above ground pools.
Do I have to be home for you to be able to take care of my pool?
Island Pool Services understands that we are all living busy lives and for that reason we do not require that you be there for us to take care of your pool. Once we agree to a maintenance plan for your pool and a payment arrangement we will take of everything else.
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What methods of payment does Island Pool Services accept?
Island Pool Services accepts cash, check and all major credit cards.
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