At Island Pool services, pool safety is one of our primary concerns. We are the exclusive provider of Guardian pool safety fences in Hampton Roads.  These quality pool fences are the highest quality, safest pool fences available and require minimal drill holes in concrete.   They are affordable, removable, durable and customizable. Guardian’s safety pool fences are climb resistant, self locking and self closing gates.  The unique patented technology makes it a must have for pool safety.  The pool fences come in three different options and many customizable variations to meet your needs.

We offer

To ensure the highest quality, all of our products have been independently tested to meet the ASTM International quality and safety standards and are manufactured in-house, overseen directly by our CEO.

– Guardian Pool Fence

Island pool services is committed to providing the very best in pool safety equipment and installation. Contact us today for all your pool fence and pool safety needs.