About Island Pool Services

Island Pool Services was founded by Ben Seeloff and Troy Taylor, two Norfolk Firefighters, in 2009. Ben and Troy had been friends since starting their firefighting careers in 2005 and had been looking forward to starting a company since they began working together at Station 11. Troy had a baby girl and knew that there was no way he could pay for that little girl’s college on his firefighter salary alone. After many long nights and days at the station talking about all the companies they could start, they finally decided on a pool company. The two worked with a fellow firefighter’s pool company for several seasons, until he told them there was nothing more he could teach them and they needed to start their own company.

When they started Island Pool Services, Ben and Troy spent countless hours cleaning, balancing, and repairing pools and took classes about pool chemistry and multiple other topics to further their knowledge in pool service. This learning continues at Island Pool Services today, where every employee receives 10-15 hours of training or ongoing education per year.

Troy has since retired from firefighting, and Ben left Island Pool Services in 2017 to focus on family. Today, Island Pool Services has 10 employees serving the Hampton Roads area, and the company is a member of The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, the leading pool and spa association.