About Island Pool Services

island pool services employee skimming pool during pool cleaning service

Island Pool Services was founded by Ben Seeloff and Troy Taylor, two Norfolk Firefighters, in 2009. Ben and Troy had been friends since starting their firefighting careers in 2005 and had been looking forward to starting a company since they began working together at Station 11. Troy had a baby girl and knew that there was no way he could pay for that little girl’s college on his firefighter salary alone. After many long nights and days at the station talking about all the companies they could start, they finally decided on a pool company. The two worked with a fellow firefighter’s pool company for several seasons, until he told them there was nothing more he could teach them and they needed to start their own company.

When they started Island Pool Services, Ben and Troy spent countless hours cleaning, balancing, and repairing pools and took classes about pool chemistry and multiple other topics to further their knowledge in pool service. This learning continues at Island Pool Services today, where every employee receives 10-15 hours of training or ongoing education per year.

Troy has since retired from firefighting, and Ben left Island Pool Services in 2017 to focus on family. Today, Island Pool Services has 10 employees serving the Hampton Roads area, and the company is a member of The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, the leading pool and spa association.

Meet Troy Taylor

Troy Taylor grew up in Virginia Beach and graduated from Princess Anne High School in 1994.  After graduation, he attended TCC before going to work for Ford Motor Company at the Norfolk F-150 assembly plant. After 10 years at Ford, he resigned to fulfill one of his dreams: starting a new career as a firefighter with Norfolk Fire Rescue. He began at the Academy in July of 2005, then started at Station 11 before moving to Station 7, the Hazmat operation station, a few years later.

Troy has always had an interest in business and entrepreneurship–from selling candy and drinks in school for extra money to owning a travel agency in his twenties. Troy believes he hit his stride in 2009 when he co-founded Island Pool Services. Troy enjoys his role in the company, handling the customer service and scheduling along with doing many of the day-to-day pool cleanings, pool openings and pool closings. Troy looks forward to the summer season because he takes pride in making sure all of his customers are enjoying their pool.

Troy’s true love is his family. Troy met his wife Carol at Johnny Rockets in MacArthur Center in Norfolk in 2000. They married in 2002 and had their first child in 2008. Today, Troy and Carol have three children, Jo, Kellam, and Layna and Troy says living life through his children’s eyes is the greatest experience of his life.