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What to Look for When Choosing Your Pool Cleaning Service

The best part of summer is almost here, and we bet you can’t wait to jump into your pool on the first hot day of the year! It’s officially time to start thinking about your pool – whether you’re reopening an existing one, or finally have your backyard project completed and have a new pool. Thankfully, […]

How Much Does Pool Service Cost?

Troy Taylor of IslandPool Services, VA answers the question “How Much Does Pool Service Cost?” From opening to closing, here’s what to expect:

Can You Leave Your Pool Open All Year?

  The weather is beginning to cool off, which unfortunately, means the swimming season is coming to an end. Unless your pool is heated, you’ve likely already begun to use it less frequently, and are beginning to think about what steps to take next to protect your investment throughout the winter. Many homeowners and property […]

Thank You For Choosing Island Pool Services

As we look back on the crazy summer of 2020, one of the things we noticed the most, is how much our customers enjoyed their pools! In a time of social distancing and staycations, backyard swimming pools were family gathering places, neighborhood retreats, afternoon escapes and the scene of weekend COVID-safe parties. We’re so glad […]