10 Tips to Keep Your Pool Clean and Safe This Summer

Having your own backyard pool is a ton of fun, but it is also a lot of responsibility. As the pool season gets underway, follow these tips to keep your family and friends safe this summer:

  1. Check your chemical levels. Pools should be checked at least once a week with test strips to ensure proper chemical levels. If your chemical balance is off, you may need to add more chlorine, salt, alkaline, pH, calcium, algaecide, or even phosphate remover to adjust it back to normal.

  2. Get rid of debris promptly. Removing debris from the pool is important for several reasons. First, the pool will look cleaner, and second, too much debris can block your filter or pump. Break out the skimmer pole to clean your pool as needed, and don’t forget to empty the skimmer baskets while you’re at it. If you put off the task for too long, you’ll need to vacuum debris from the bottom of the pool.

  3. Brush your pool. Algae is a fact of life for pool owners and without proper care, algae growth can quickly get out of hand. Scrub the sides of the pool on a regular basis to keep your pool clean.

  4. Check drain covers. Damaged or improperly installed pool drain covers can cause a swimmer to be entrapped underwater due to the powerful drain suction.Ensure your pool has a drain that complies with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act (named after a 7-year-old who was entrapped by a drain and drowned). Remind all children to never play near pool drains.

  5. Replace filters when they are dirty. If your pool filter is full, that means dirt, dead skin cells, and other debris will be left to circulate in your pool. Check your pool filters regularly during the summer and change them as needed.

  6. Maintain the water level. It’s important to keep your water level around the mid-point of your skimmer basket. When water falls below this point the skimmer will draw air into the pool pump, which can damage it.

  7. Check the pump. The pool pump circulates water throughout the pool, helping to remove debris and keep chemicals mixed. Inspect your pool pump at least once a year to make sure it is in good working condition.

  8. Monitor your pool deck and equipment. Pool decks can be dangerous, especially when slick or damaged. Clean the deck regularly and address issues promptly. In addition, ensure pool ladders and railings are secure.

  9. Have proper lifesaving equipment on hand. Backyard pools should have at least two lifesaving devices available poolside: one buoyant throwing ring and one reaching pole.

  10. Don’t swim if you or guests are sick. People who are experiencing diarrhea or a stomach bug should not swim. These infections can spread through small amounts of swallowed water, which puts other swimmers at risk for contracting the illness.

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