Back to School Pool Study Party

Summer is in full swing in Chesapeake & Virginia Beach, but not for much longer. As August heats up, pool closing season draws nearer. Get the most out of your swimming pool before it’s time to dust off that pool cover for fall and winter.

Before you call Island Pools in Chesapeake & VA Beach for pool closing services, ring in the new school year with a splash! A back to school end of summer school party is the perfect way to maximize your pool season before pool closing time.

Back To School Study Party Tips:

Invite a handful of school friends. Be selective—it’s best if you all share a class, and even better if you have an upcoming quiz, test, or presentation to prepare for.

Make snacks, and flashcards. Veggie sticks & dip, chips & guacamole, nuts, berries, and chocolate are all proven to taste delicious, and help with focus. Choose a mellow abstract playlist on Youtube or Spotify to set the mood.

Lap desks, lawn chairs, & patio tables are a great way to keep your work dry while you get your feet wet. A phone basket will keep your phones dry and keep your minds focused.

Study games can be a fun and effective way to learn, if you’ve got 3+ people.

Try out this adaptation of the classic swimming pool game Sharks & Minnows:

  • One shark waits in the deep end while the minnows divide into two even teams, one on each side of the pool. The shark (or an impartial landlubber with flashcards) asks a study question, and the teams internally discuss to arrive at an answer.
  • If one team answers incorrectly, they have to swim across the pool, risking the shark’s “bite.”
  • If both teams answer incorrectly, both must cross the pool and risk becoming a shark, too.
  • If both teams answer correctly, the first is the victor, and they get to choose whether one or both of the teams must swim. Beat the heat, get some cardio, and ace the test. What could be better?

Enjoy your back to school study party, and call Island Pools in Chesapeake & Virginia Beach when you’re ready to take advantage of our pool closing services.