Closing Time

As August sizzles closer to an end and September draws near, one thing weighs heavily on the hearts, minds, and goggles of Chesapeake pool owners: It’s almost pool closing time.

When should I close my pool for fall and winter?

It’s been another amazing summer of private pool parties, backyard BBQs, July 4th cookouts, and back to school bashes, but even swimming pool season ends sometime. For most pool owners in Chesapeake, that time is September.

Island Pool Services in Chesapeake is here to help, whether it’s your first season owning a pool or you’re a seasoned private pool aficionado. Our professional pool closing services are well-known in Chesapeake because we do such a great job!

Do I have to drain my inground pool for winter?

Not necessarily. While closing down your inground swimming pool, you don’t need to drain unless you blow out the pipes while plugging the return jets. It’s also a great idea to install a skimmer guard to prevent cracking. If you’re not totally confident, call in a professional pool service technician to take the best care of your private pool

How do I close my pool for fall and winter?

  • Get started one week before closing time
  • Remove all toys, equipment, etc. from the pool, but leave your filter system alone.
  • Brush, vacuum, etc.
  • Remove your return line fittings and skimmer baskets.
  • Manage your water level
  • Balance your water’s chemicals, test it, and don’t worry if it’s a little high.
  • Add winterizing chemicals for pH, chlorine, and algae.
  • Backwash, clean filter and pump.
  • Blow out the pool lines, or add pool antifreeze (only freezing temp areas)
  • Cover your pool for the cold seasons!

Of course, Island Pool Services is happy to help you prep your pool for the end of summer. Give us a call to get started, or check back next month for our How To on pool closings.

Happy Closing!