How to Convert a Traditional Chlorine Swimming Pool into Salt

What is a Salt Water Pool?

Technically, a salt water pool is still a chlorine pool! The salt in the water reacts to an electrode (AKA salt cell) in your pool’s plumbing, converting it to chlorine. Still sanitizing the pool, the salt converts to high-quality, freshly-made chlorine. Don’t buy chlorine—make your own!

Bonus: this homemade chlorine won’t stink as strongly as the store bought stuff, nor will it irritate your skin or eyes.

How to Convert your Traditional Chlorine Swimming Pool into a Saltwater Pool:

While the process of converting your swimming pool to salt water can be a weekend project, it does involve handling electrical wires near water. If you’re not comfortable taking on this DIY, call in a professional saltwater pool converter like Island Pool Services.

Check out our steps to conversion, and call Island Pools for all of your pool servicing needs!

DIY Pool Conversion:

  • Research to find the right salt chlorinator for your pool. Size, depth, and more all plays a part in choosing a salt chlorinator.
  • If your pool contains antibacterial products, drain it. The chemicals will alter the salt’s chemistry.
  • Balance your pool chemicals and test the water.
  • Shut off the circuit breaker, then install the salt water cell and control board.
  • Add salt per your equipment manual (some calculations may be required) and wait for it to dissolve.
  • Install the filter and the chlorinator cell, then connect the equipment.
  • Turn it all on, and enjoy!

If you’re not the DIY type, don’t worry! Island Pools Services has everything you need to convert your chlorine pool to saltwater—and we’ll even do it for you. Give us a call before pool closing season!