How to Throw the BEST Pool Party EVER

Make a splash with the best end-of-summer swimming pool party your neighborhood has ever seen. Before you know it, pool closing season will be here and you’ll have to drain and cover your pool for fall and winter. Until then, though, check out our ideas for the hottest pool party of the year.

Pool Party Supplies

  • Tiki torches: Set the scene with these fiery lights. Affordable, cute, and with mosquito-repellant in some formulas, they transition smoothly from afternoon to evening with little-to-no maintenance.
  • Balloons: A must-have for any party, balloons are extra fun when tossed INTO the pool! Who needs one big beach ball when you can have fifty small ones?
  • Inflatable toys: Everybody loves a novelty swan or shark float, flat blow-up raft, and pool noodles. Stock up and chill out.
  • Squirt guns & refill bucket: Pick up a pack of these harmless weapons, and prepare to get soaked.
  • Sunscreen Station: It’s all fun and games until somebody gets sunburnt. Keep on the sunny side safely, with plenty of sunblock, accessible to everyone.

Pool Party Games & Activities

  • Water gun games: Divide into teams and let the games begin. Winners get to push the losers into the pool!
  • Hula dancing: Stream a how-to video from a projector and learn the hula, with your friends and neighbors. Later on, put up a family-friendly movie under the stars.
  • Tiki photo booth: Scatter some props and costumes around with a few polaroids, and enjoy the results in the morning.
  • Cannonball contest: Always a good time, who can make the biggest splash?
  • Water balloon pinata: Fill some balloons and hang them from a strong cable. You’re going to want to film this one.
  • Giant bubbles: A classic for good reason, giant bubbles are fun and beautiful at any age. Fill a baby pool with bubble solution and leave a handful of wands for guests.
  • Grill station: No pool party is complete without hot dogs, hamburgers, and all the fixins! Fire up the grill and chow down.