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Important Home Pool Safety Tips

Owning a private swimming pool is an amazing luxury that never gets old—from the first splash of the season to the last cannonball of summer, personal swimming pools are the best—until someone gets hurt.

Unfortunately, it happens more frequently than any of us imagine. Young children are especially vulnerable to swimming pool accidents, both in and around the water. Even with the utmost vigilance, no parent, babysitter, or even professional lifeguard is able to keep an eye on every swimmer, 100% of the time.

When swimming pool safety is weighing on your mind, Island Pools Services has all of the pool safety equipment and supplies you need to protect your swimmers, young, old, and any age in between.

Important home pool safety tips:

  • Secure your home with a pool safety fence. Island Pools Services in Virginia Beach offers installation of several varieties of high quality safety pool fences.
    • Premier Pool Fences are made from strong, safe, quality materials and constructed into innovative products that protect your most valuable assets—your family.
    • No Hole Pool Fences require absolutely no drilling on your pool deck or patio, meaning there is no damage to your personal property. Even better—these safety pool fences are safe, portable, and convenient.
    • Guardian Pool Fences are constructed with marine-grade aluminum, stainless steel, and high quality mesh, and are climb-resistant, self-locking, and self-closing.
  • Install a pool alarm to notify you when anyone enters the pool or disturbs the water. Whether you’ve given your permission or not, you have a responsibility as a home pool owner to know when someone is swimming in your pool. Never let anyone swim unsupervised!
    • This goes triple for children—never ever let a child be near the pool unsupervised, and always lock all doors and windows that lead to the water.
    • Purchase a wearable water alarm to achieve the same results! Your child will set off the alarm if the device is submerged in water, or gets wet at all.
  • Take your children to swim lessons as soon as possible. Particularly important for pool owners, your children need to be comfortable and confident in the water.
  • Maintain your swimming pool with regular cleanings and maintenance. Cleaning the filter, emptying the skimmer baskets, and vacuuming the pool will keep you and your swimmers safe from harmful bacteria or disease.

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