Pool Maintenance Before and After a Storm

Along with sunny days, summertime can also bring severe storms. Storms that drop one or more inches of rain in a short period of time can take a toll on your pool, unbalancing chemical levels and leaving behind unwanted debris. As such, it’s important to take steps before and after a large rainfall to keep your pool clean and in working order.

Before a Storm

  • Remove all furniture, toys, and equipment from the pool deck. Store pool cleaners and chemicals in a shed or other safe location.
  • Add algaecide to the pool to control algae growth. If an impending storm will likely bring debris into the pool, proactively adding algaecide can keep the pool clean.
  • In the event of a hurricane or tropical storm, shock the pool before the storm. Adding shock one to two days before a storm can prevent chlorine levels from depleting.
  • Lower water level to bottom 1/3 of the skimmer. Lower the water enough so the pool can handle the extra rain the storm may bring, while keeping it at a level that still allows the pump to run.
  • Turn off pool equipment at the breaker. For heavy storms, lightning and strong winds can cause electrical damage. Turning off the power at the breaker will protect the automation systems, electronics, and motors in your pool equipment.

After a Storm

  • Soon after a storm, test chemical levels and adjust as needed. Rainwater is naturally acidic, which can throw off the pH levels of the pool.
  • Check your water level. If enough rainwater fell to significantly raise the water level in your pool, turn your pump to “waste” or “backwash” to bring the water level down a few inches. Take care not to drain the pool below the skimmer openings.
  • Clean the pool. In a severe storm, debris is likely to fall into the pool. This should be removed promptly as debris that sits in a pool for too long can stain walls and disrupt pool chemistry. Empty baskets and use a skimmer to remove all floating debris. Vacuum the pool floor and scrub or brush the pool walls. You should also clean or backwash your filter after a storm.

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