Should I Close My Pool in September?

It can be tempting to hang on to the late summer days and squeeze every last moment out of your pool for the season. However, waiting too long to close your pool can have its drawbacks. Read on to find out why Island Pool Services recommends closing your pool by the end of September.

Less Time in the Pool
After Labor Day, the pace of life seems to pick up again. Kids are back in school, and work may get busier after everyone returns from their summer vacations. Look ahead on your calendar and you may find that the number of free days that you’d even be able to swim in your pool are few and far between.

Cooler Temperatures
As the outdoor temperature dips lower, the pool is not as likely to warm up much during the day, making it less enjoyable to use. Should there be an early freeze, the cold temperatures can also damage components of the pool system that have not been winterized.

Leaves, Leaves and More Leaves
Leaves start to drop from trees in early fall, meaning they will inevitably find their way into your pool, even if you have no mature trees in your yard. Regardless of how often you go swimming, you’ll have to spend time skimming out the leaves to clear the pool. The longer leaves remain in the water, the more likely they are to throw off the chemical balance and stain the pool. As such, it’s important to clear them quickly.

Contract Terms
Take a look at your pool service contract before deciding to keep your pool open later in the fall season. Many clients have summer contracts that end in September. Closing your pool during this time is included in your contract; however, waiting until October may mean that you will end up paying for additional cleanings.

It’s best to plan ahead to determine when to close your pool for the summer.

Call Island Pool Services today (757) 286-4689 to discuss closing your pool for the season, and then get started on planning your last pool party of 2021!