Summer Swimming Pool Maintenance

Owning a swimming pool is a big responsibility that is often hard to maintain on your own. Ensuring your pool water provides a clean swimming environment can be much less stressful when you hire Island Pool Services. We offer dependable and efficient pool maintenance for the greater Hampton Roads area.

Our professional team offers weekly and biweekly cleaning services including leaf blowing of pool deck, vacuuming and brushing down the entire pool, testing the pool water, emptying skimmer baskets and pump baskets, checking the filter pressure and even backwashing if needed.

Island Pools is committed to providing responsible pool maintenance that will leave your backyard the safest and cleanest it can be. Maintaining your pool’s filter is one of the most important ways to keep your pool water clean and sparkling. Our weekly and biweekly filter cleaning, service, and repair are available for both chlorine and salt water pools. We maintain the entire salt system, particularly focusing on testing the salt levels as well as servicing and cleaning the salt cells to ensure your pool is looking its best. In terms of water filters, our team can clean and repair all makes and models of DE, Sand, and Cartridge filters. For water pumps and motors, we typically service, but are not limited to the following brands: Hayward, Pentair, Challenger, AO Smith, Jandy, and Polaris.

If you own a salt water pool that produces chlorine or a chlorine based tablet pool, then it is important the water’s pH is balanced to maintain a safe swimming environment. If the water’s PH is not correctly balanced than you are risking a build up of germs and bacteria as a result of in-proper care of the chlorine sanitizer. Incorrect balance can be corrosive to your liner, ladders, pump, and even the hand rail. Additionally, if the water balance is either too acidic or too balanced, your swimmers risk uncomfortable skin and eye sensations. Water testing is one of the main services included in Island Pools weekly or biweekly maintenance checks. Our professional staff never leaves a pool without ensuring your pool water is as safe as possible.

Our staff is also well versed in pool openings and closings by providing professional services that focus on pool needs depending on the season. Our opening services include (but are not limited to), cover removal, cleaning and placing in a location of your choice, full pool vacuuming and brushing, ladder and rail installation, pump and filter priming, water testing and even treating if desired. Our pool closing services consist of removing the rails and ladders, winterizing pumps and filters, and full vacuuming and brushing of pool including water draining, and installation of cover.

Island Pool’s professionally trained staff is here to catch any problems that may arise around your pool before they get out of hand! Contact us today to for smooth swimming all summer long.