Can You Leave Your Pool Open All Year?


The weather is beginning to cool off, which unfortunately, means the swimming season is coming to an end. Unless your pool is heated, you’ve likely already begun to use it less frequently, and are beginning to think about what steps to take next to protect your investment throughout the winter. Many homeowners and property managers choose to close and cover their pool for the fall and winter, but there are just as many benefits to leaving your pool open year-round!

Here are the two leading reasons homeowners give for keeping their pool open through the winter:

Less work when temperatures rise
Living in Virginia, we know how temperamental the weather can be, and have seen many fall and spring days where temperatures reach 80 degrees or higher. If you don’t want to wait until your pool is open at the beginning of summer and the weather is more consistent to swim, keeping your pool open throughout the year is your best option. You’ll be able to swim as soon as you want to, and it will require less work without the need to remove a cover and have it serviced.

Better views
Though we do offer pool covers that look great, keeping your pool uncovered and open can enhance the look of your backyard and retain your outdoor oasis feeling, long after the leaves have fallen away and summer flowers are gone. Many pool owners enjoy the sights and sounds of water, and find them relaxing while hanging out by the pool around an outdoor fire pit or fireplace. You’ll also be able to step outside (or sit inside at a window) and enjoy your morning coffee with a pretty view on a chilly fall or spring day.

If you’re thinking of keeping your pool open as the weather cools, give us a call at (757) 286-4689 to find out more about our maintenance services that will keep your pool in pristine condition while not in use.